Everyone knows that I have always thought highly of Derek Medved. I supported his business decisions as he was preparing to open the Gary Milk House. I was interviewed by local media when he re-opened about why I thought Derek will be able to make the Milk House successful when the previous owner had to close the doors. My answer was because he’s mature beyond his years and he’s like a sponge when it comes to listening and then absorbing information. This is the reason Derek will be perfect for the city council. He will listen to everyone, do his homework, absorb what he learns and then make a decision that will help the city prosper. If you noticed I never said “I think” he will do these things, I said he will do these things. I am 100% confident that he will do everything he says he will do for Duluth.

Please go to the link below and like Derek’s page. Also, please share this post so the people of Duluth will hear why a member of the community knows he will make a great councilman for all of us. He is off to a running start, but we need to let everyone in Duluth know who Derek Medved is. He has 1041 supporters on Facebook. My goal is for us to at least double that number by the end of the day(Thursday). Let’s make it happen.

Mike Letica