Derek takes the time to be a community leader

Derek has a proven record as someone who can conquer any obstacles in his way, work unbelievably hard, surround himself with good people all while keeping his integrity intact. I see someone who by the age of 24 is the owner of four successful convenience stores. These businesses provide over 40 people with employment. This happened for one reason because he had goals and worked hard to make it happen. He also oversees a large budget and payroll; certainly that is the experience we need in our city council. As a business owner, he knows how to oversee capital improvements versus expenditures.

In addition to being a business owner, Derek takes time to be a community leader. Every year since Derek has opened his Gary store, he has been hosting an ice cream social at Stowe school to encourage students to read. He took time out of his busy life building his business to serve on the GND alliance to help further develop the community. These are all qualities the Duluth City Council needs. I couldn’t be more proud to endorse Derek Medved for Duluth City Council At-Large.